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2006 Aug 01 Happy August!

Wow, 24 days since I last posted. I'm such a slacker.

I don't even know where to begin.

On the health front, I saw my new doctor a couple weeks ago. I likey! He probably spent about 25 minutes with me. Woohoooo! I even brought a list of what I wanted to discuss. He answered all my questions and I even walked out of the appointment with 2 referrals.

I also started a colon cleanse 3 weeks ago. It's the Colonix program. I'm having mixed feelings about the psyllium fiber part... although the anti-parasite supplements work wonders. Eeek! I had no idea I had beasts living inside me.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm reading Fast Food Nation. I'm currently in the middle of the part about the workings of "factory-style" slaughterhouses. I have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, I find the whole idea of slaughterhouses revolting and disusting... yet I am not ready to give up eating beef.

However, I think I have sworn off fast food forever. Besides, I'm trying to eat healthier and eat little to no processed foods. Just today I went to a Trader Joe's in the next town over (because the clientele in all the TJs here in SF are atrociously rude) and bought tons of tasty pre-prepared stuff so that we can stop eating out so damn much.

Tonight we had the 4 cheese pizza and a goat cheese/walnut/roasted red pepper salad. Yum! Choices for the next few nights include chicken chile verde burritos, cheese enchiladas, French onion soup, butternut squash soup, brown rice, Mexican quiche, supreme pizza, spinach/cranberry/feta salad, and cobb salad.

We're also getting serious about landscaping the back yard... finally! I started the base plans back in 1999 and then somehow forgot about them. We spent 2 weekends in July filling 26 of those huge paper garden bags with clippings, weeds, and pine needles so now we pretty much have a blank slate to work from. Problem is, I have NO IDEA what to do back there. I have a plant palette already chosen but have no idea what kind of materials to use for the hardscape or how to finish the half-completed raised stone patio.

The pomegranate shrub I hand-picked the scale off and then sprayed with dish soap is making a comeback. Healthy new growth is finally showing up and I inspect every few days to see if I can see any suspicious happenings. Nothing unusual to report, thank heavens!

Isaac is going through a particularly rough behavior spot right now. He acts devilish and now kicks, hits, and spits when we tell him no. I haven't found anything that works yet. When we tell him no, look at him sterny, and try to remove him from the situation, he thinks it's funny.

Also, just last night he learned to crawl out of his crib. We have a toddler bed set up in his bedroom but he refuses to sleep in, he still prefers the crib. Bedtime is pretty stressful because he won't stay in his crib but won't sleep in the toddler bed. Eventually, he gets tired enough that he asks to be put in the crib... but this means that someone has to stay upstairs with him. Tonight M had me bring dinner up to him in the bedroom so that he could keep an eye on Isaac.

I hope this stage doesn't last long.

I went shopping for new bras last weekend. It had been several months since I'd purchased any... and about a year since I'd had a fitting. When asked by a sales associate if I wanted a fitting, I said sure, it was probably a good idea. Well, come to find out that I've somehow gone from a 34B to a 32DD in a year. How in the hell is this possible?! Could it be that I was fitted incorrectly this time? Or was I fitted incorrectly last time? My breasts are not any larger, I swear! I'm so confused.

Well, it's 11 pm now and I'd better hit the hay. I think I'll read for a while in bed beforehand.


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