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2006 Jun 30 mindstorm

I spoke with my homies at work the other day about my scale problem. A couple of them recommended making up a homemade batch of insecticide consisting of water and dishwashing liquid. Who knew?

So I sprayed a thick solution of mostly Dawn in a bit of water onto my bare plant and am hoping for the best. Scale B Gone!

I have been shopping like a madwoman once again. Since yesterday I have purchased a pair of red sandals, a pair of black flats, and a pair of Indie jeans. Yeah baby!

Five days and counting until we leave for Albuquerque. I am really looking forward to it! It will be Isaac's first time on an airplane. He loves airplanes so I'm sure he'll be so excited he can barely stand it.

Speaking of Isaac, he is sick right now. He's had a high fever since last night and only took an hour nap this afternoon. I hope he sleeps better tonight because Mama needs some sleep! I was up for an hour last night at 2 am scouring the internet for answers because I was worried. He bumped his head badly yesterday afternoon and I just wanted to be sure it wasn't related. It wasn't. His doctor confirmed that today. Shew!

I've committed to writing an article for Real Diaper Association. It's due on the 10th but since I'll be in ABQ, I'll have to submit it before I leave. The good news is that no research or fact checking will be required since it will be about personal experience. Shew! I will probably have to write the entire article during Isaac's nap on Sunday.

That's about all I have to say for now. Good night!

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