Loriville Gazette
2006 Apr 18 it's a beautiful day

M and I had a real live date today, the first in many months. I took Isaac to daycare so that I could meet M downtown for lunch.

We went to a fancy schmancy sushi restaurant and ate to our hearts' content, including dreamy cherry-infused sake and, for dessert, chocolate pots de creme.

I ate so much that I didn't have much of an appetite for dinner.

After lunch, I went on a search for Loehmann's, since I was told they sometimes carry Joe's Jeans. On my way there, I stumbled across the second H&M store that I hadn't been in before. I bought myself a very pretty blouse.

I eventually found Loehmann's but they didn't have any Joe's Jeans in stock. Damn them.

Did I mention how gorgeous the weather was today? After 105 days of rain this season and lots of tragic stories on the news of mudslides claiming lives and properties, today was like heaven. I almost couldn't remember what sunshine looked like. It was even warm enough to go jacket-less!

And now? Bed.

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