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2005 Jan 21 parenting

I'm watching The Crow on cable right now. LOVE it! Actually, I'm not really watching it... but since it's one of my favorite movies ever, I have it on in the background while I type. The soundtrack can't be beat.

Speaking of music, today I've been enjoying the VHS or Beta CD I purchased a couple weeks ago. Highly recommended. They remind me of old Duran Duran. That's always a good thing.

Last night was our second night into the "getting Isaac to fall asleep in his crib by himself and sleep 10 hours straight" sleep training program and we failed miserably. He woke up at 1 am and would not stop screaming. Finally, at 3 am we threw in the towel and brought him back into bed with us. He was asleep the minute he touched the bed.

I feel like a failure. I have been procrastinating on emailing the sleep doctor because I don't want him to berate me. We resumed the sleep training tonight so, obviously, I hope it goes much better. Other than the 2 hour screaming episode, he actually did pretty well last night. He only woke up once, which is a miracle. He slept in two 4-hour chunks whereas he normally wakes up every 2 hours. So it seems as though we're getting somewhere.

My days of sleep deprivation are numbered.

Isaac and I toured his new daycare center this morning. I guess I'm just not used to images of daycare facilities but I am still a little unnerved by the atmosphere. With a 1:4 caregiver to infant ratio, I know he's not going to get one-on-one attention there. Onj the other hand, maybe that's a good thing. Isaac' been really whiney lately because he wants his way all the time.

Isaac's eyes lit up when he saw the other infants and all the toys he's not used to, though. And he'll only be there 24 hours/week so it won't traumatize him. This is an excellent daycare facility so I'm not worried about the quality of care he'll get; I'm more worried about how he'll react to not being the center of the universe anymore.

It's funny how my parenting ideals have changed over time. When I was a little girl with a vivid imagination, I pretended I was a housewife married to an architect. We had four kids: Ryan Paul (6), Autumn Elizabeth (4), Adrienne Noelle (2), and Robin Lynne (8 months). In real life, I became an architect and decided that I didn't want to give up my career once I had kids. Ahd there's no way I'd ever have four kids. Right now, one is plenty and if we do decide to have more kids someday, we're definitely going to stop at two.

Speaking of offspring, here's some photos of Isaac for those of you who have asked. How can I resist sharing photos of my sweet boy?

Here's one of my all-time favorites. He was 5-1/2 months old here. Happy Halloween!

And here's one of our most recent photos, taken on New Year's Eve:

It's time for me to turn in for the night. May Isaac sleep in long stretches. Good night!

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